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Domestic Business - Foundation for Sustainable Development

Hoa Sen Group currently produces and operates three main product lines: Hoa Sen Steel Sheet, Hoa Sen Galvanized Steel Pipe, Hoa Sen Plastic Pipe. Especially, all three groups of products achieved Vietnam Value awards for many consecutive years.

With modern production technology, Hoa Sen’s products meet international standards with reasonable price, fast delivery and good after sale services, Hoa Sen Group always commits to meet the best and fastest all the needs of customers in the domestic and foreign markets.

With the motto of taking the domestic market as its origin, Hoa Sen Group has applied flexible business policies, combining with careful customer care policy, at the same time, undertaken 4 commitments: "RIGHT PRICE, RIGHT STANDARD, RIGHT QUALITY AND WARRANTY" in all Business Units of the Group nationwide.

In order to  respond quickly to  customer’s demand, Hoa Sen Group has established and developed the domestic sales channel with two main forms: SYSTEM OF DISTRIBUTION - RETAIL BRANCHES and WHOLESALE - CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS CHANNEL. With wide business systems, Hoa Sen Group ensures fast delivery, selling directly to consumers nationwide. This is also one of the  core competitive advantages of Hoa Sen Group compared to competitors in the same industry.

Hoa Sen Group has been rapidly developing its distribution – retail branches system throughout the country. These branches are important links in the value chain business and production process of the Group, playing the role of bringing the products of Hoa Sen Group to the consumers. Owning more than 500 distribution - retail branches across the country is  the most indispensable foundation for Hoa Sen Group to implement the strategy of "Buying directly from producers and selling directly to end-users". Planning to the end of 2018, the total number of Hoa Sen Group’s branches will be 700 s.

500 branches/agents in Hoa Sen Group spread throughout Vietnam.

Along with the strong development of the branch network, Hoa Sen Group also expanded WHOLESALE- CONSTRUCTION BUSINESS CHANNEL in order to diversify the sales distribution channel, better serve the needs of customers in different fields, including:

- Steel sheet Plants, traders, distributors of plastic pipes.

- Water supply and drainage projects, agricultural, forestry and fishery projects.

- Infrastructure projects; National key projects; underground electric power projects, telecommunications, ...

- Building construction, prefabricated factories, high-rise building ventilators, steel floor, stair railing, scaffolding, civil projects, ...

- Production of handicrafts, sunken ceiling, electric cabinets, electric cables, insulated doors, rolling doors, sliding doors, ...

On purchase demand, please contact to:

1.      Switchboard for free consultation and customer care: 18001515

2.      Wholesalers and Projects Sales Channel

3.      System of official branches / agents of the Hoa Sen Group throughout the country

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