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Project Sales

Hoa Sen Group with Hoa Sen Steel Sheet brand is the leader of domestic market of coated steel sheet and is the only business in Vietnam investing in the vertically integrated value chain. Therefore, Hoa Sen Steel Sheet has the advantages such as:

-   Quality is strictly controlled on each stage of production

-   Products are diversified in types and sizes.

-   The colors are very diverse with 100 colors.

-  Especially, the customers can make orders with the requirements of base metal, coating color, thickness, etc. besides the popular kinds which are being produced by Hoa Sen Group.

Along with the rapid growth of Hoa Sen Group, the project sales department was established from the beginning of 2010 to expand the distribution network and serve customers more effectively in the following fields:

Industrial projects: pre-engineered buildings, ventilation pipes for buildings, flooring steel, balcony, stair, scaffold, civil projects, construction companies, large contractors, design companies, etc.

Tay Ninh Cement plant project is using Hoa Sen Steel Sheet

Industrial products: fine handicrafts article, bare frame, cabinets, cables, insulated doors, roll-up doors, sliding door, etc.

Production and trade: production of  square steel pipes, steel pipes, large steel traders, processors of steel sheet and hot galvanized steel sheet (HGI), steel sheet plant, etc.


Hoa Sen Steel Sheet is applied in fine handicrafts article

Main projects: national main projects, projects of Vietnam construction corporations, state -funded projects.

List of typical projects using Hoa Sen Steel Sheel:





New Hope Plant

Pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet


Lock & Lock Plant

Pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet


Hyosung Plant

Pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet


Sunsteel Plant

Hot dip Galvanized steel


NPK Fertilizer Plant

Pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet


Chin Fong Rubber Plant

Pre-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


Dongwha Plant

Pre-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


DRC - Radial truck tyre Manufacture Plant

Galvanized/Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


Bio-Ethanol Plant

Pre-painted Galvanized steel sheet


 Alliance One Plant

Que Vo Industrial Zone Plant

Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet

Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


Tay Ninh Shoe Plant

Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


Binh Phuoc Cement Plant

Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet


Ching Luh Shoe Plant

Pre-painted Aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet

Other projects

-   Number One Beverage Plant;

-   Tay Ninh Cement Plant;

-   Metro supermarket project at Hai Phong, Can Tho Da Nang and HCMC;

-   Tan Rai - Lam Dong Boxit Ore Plant;

-   Depot system of Cuu Long – Binh Dinh Construction Development and Production Joint Stock Company;

-   Tan Cang – Song Than ICI depot;

-   Five Star Fertilizer Plant; Tan Hoa – Long An Plastic Plant;

-   MCN Farms PTY LTD Farm Project – The South of Australia;

-   Ha Tien II Cement Plant, Kien Luong – Kien Giang;

-   Fuco Steel Plant;

Contact Information: Project Sales Department

Representative Office: 183 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: (+84 8) 3999 0230

Fax: (+84 8) 39990 222



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